Book: Speedgolf; A Brief History of Time + Score


Rob Hogan, a golf player in the West of Ireland, discovers that he has a bizarre talent for combining running and golf. Around the same time a US billionaire called Mike Keiser invests heavily in speedgolf. Hogan soon finds himself on a Jet heading to Bandon Dunes Southern Oregon to contest the 2012 Speedgolf World Championships. Hogan invents new techniques in speedgolf and takes his place among an interesting cast of characters. This book traces the history of speedgolf, from 1931 right up until that 2012 tipping point and then Hogan’s decade long journey in the sport.

Uniquely placed to document and present a picture of this burgeoning sport, Hogan delivers with a never seen before collected history dating back to 1931. After 2012 the book tells the story of speedgolf through the lens of Hogan's journey. The last part of the book is a detailed explanation of many of his innovations and thoughts. The book concludes with Hogan posing some radical questions and the last words go to Mr. Mike Keiser one of the most influential people in the golf industry and a huge backer of speedgolf.

"The biggest virtue in golf is fast play" Mike Keiser

"This is stratospheric in all of golf" John Bell

"We have to do this" Tim Scott

Big Bill's Review:
Rob's book encapsulates, gives you the internal sense and feelings of what has happened in our wonderfilled sport of SPEEDGOLF.

SPEEDGOLF is a must read for anyone wanting to start golf, who has played it for years OR wants to get up and just DO IT for mental and physical health.

5 stars for easy readability, positive emotions, legendary knowledgebility, historical value and character